It’s not so much a philosophy as an opinion: loyalty has to be earned, it cannot be created. We know this to be true because literally hundreds of customers, who choose to have something framed by us each and every year, keep on returning. And have done for the last 18 years.

Customers based in Dorset and Hampshire. And as far afield as London, Ireland, France, the USA and Australia even.

You see, picture framing is our core business. If the truth be told, it’s our only business. And we love what we do. We concentrate on the one thing and don’t profess to be all things to all people. Butterflies we are not.

Whilst others sit back and take orders, jobbing them out to unseen framers, we get down and dirty. We assess, we advise and we manufacture, all on the same business premises. And after you’ve collected the picture, we stand by the product we’ve produced.

Feel free to pop in next time you’re passing and have a chat about what it is that makes us tick, and why after all these years we’re still Wimborne’s one and only  picture framers.